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Alternative Healing

Alternative Healing
Intuitive Massage Therapy • Energy Healing • Vibrational Balancing

Infrared Therapy Therapeutic Massage with Infra Red Light Therapy and PEMF Therapy

Circulation Treatments and Lymphatic Drainage

BodyBuffer$30 Upgrade

Diminish The Appearance Of Cellulite, Reduce Edema, Increase Circulation

Bodybuffers’ random orbital oscillation action stretches those dermal bridges and stimulates collagen reorganization, improving elasticity and reducing the puckering seen on the skin’s surface. This Bodybuffing massage action increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage in treated areas – enhancing the body’s natural detoxification processes and shrinking swollen fatty tissues, which results in smoother-looking skin.

Body Buffer

Bone/Tendon/Muscle Healing and Detoxification


Pulse Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
Healing Device
$30 Upgrade

Created in a magnetic head device set to the schumann hertz, earth resonance field that restores the body back to its natural harmonic state that is in alignment with nature. This device utilizes the Bob Beck protocol for healing and wellness through re establishing the healthy magnetic field of the body. This technology works well for bone, ligament, tendon injuries, strokes and brain wellness. As well as organ healing. It is not good for nerve neuropathies.

Infra-Red Light Healing

Infra-Red Light Healing— $30 Upgrade
Stimulates cell regeneration, collagen regeneration, promotes healing, Detoxification and well being.
Infra-Red Light Healing

Photo Therapy

Photo Therapy

Photo Therapy Light Healing - $30 Upgrade
Stimulates cell regeneration, collagen regeneration, promotes healing, and detoxification.

Ionic De-Tox Foot Bath

Ionic De-Tox Foot Bath — $50 With Add On Service
Toxins bond within our systems ionically. The ionic current breaks the toxic bonds so the body de-toxes naturally through lymphatics afterwards. Can be done on hands or feet for 25-30 minutes.
Foot Bath

PEMF How Does PEMF Work?
pemf Blood Before and After

Ionic Detox Therapy


Detoxification Before and After Blood Detoxification
Detoxification Chart Foot Bath
detox Before and After Blood Cleaning
Detoxification System Detoxification Process

Light Therapy and Photo Therapy

Light Therapy Unit Photo Therapy
Collagen Graph Collagen Graph
Light Interaction Graph Wavelength Interactions
Light Healing Light Healing