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Tiffany Rae began her journey in the healing arts in 1998 apprenticing with a Master Korean energy healer for 3 years as she began working with vibrational fields of energy. She then went on to complete studies with The Institute Of Psycho Structural Balancing in LA as well as The Swedish Institute in NYC. Because of Tiffany's ability to feel vibrational fields of energy and shift them she is able to address chronic and complex pain issues easily. Tiffany currently does healing retreats in Bali every year and is always exploring the newest trends globally in alternative healing as well as anti-aging and skin therapies. Tiffany, a seasoned yoga practitioner, has developed over the years from seeing the result of corresponding pain connected with certain muscles her Yogassage Therapy to assist her clients in learning how to effectivly alleviate pain with just a little time on the mat. 

We also scout and work with some of the most talented and skilled therapists available for events. We also offer Spa Consulting. 

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Massage Therapies, Chair Massage, Wellness & Skin Therapies

NYC Healing Hands specializes in in-home massage therapy, pre and post natal massage therapy, office chair massage, skin therapies and wellness treatments. We serve Manhattan and the surrounding areas. Let us be a part of your special event. 

Some Of Our Services: 

Office Chair Massage,  Ionic De-Tox Foot Baths,  Reikki,  Anti-Aging Facial Treatments,  Medical Massage Therapy,  Pre and Post Natal Massage Therapy,  Magnetic Pulse Therapy,  Therapeutic Yoga For Pain,  Retreats,  Corporate Events,  Infra Red Therapy 

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