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In Home Advanced Massage Therapy

Since 2001

In Home Massage Therapy, Medical Massage, Pre-Natal Massage Therapy, Special Events, Office Chair Massage

NYC/Manhattan, Brooklyn , Staten island

New Jersey Pricing

Offering massage therapy in New York, NY, at special events

Office Chair Massage

Offering chair massage at work and for special events. Energy healing and Reiki, as well as acupressure and myofascial release, are offered for massage therapy in New York, NY.

Chair Massage

Whether you’re looking for PEMF therapy or a massage in New York, NY, contact us

Wellness Events

At Healing Hands, we specialize in alternative modalities for in-home and office chair massage treatments, corporate events and wellness events. Ask us about our Spa and Wellness Consulting.

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Your source for alternate health in New York, NY

Intuitive Massage Therapy

Ionic De-Tox Foot Baths, PEMF Therapy, Regenerating and anti-aging facials, photo therapy and energy healing massage therapy.

Alternative Healing

Harmony and Balance

Our In-Home Services or Office Chair Massage Services

Massage Therapy for Stroke Victims

Energy Healing

Pre Natal Massage

Post Natal Massage

Post Surgery Massage

Hot Stone Massage


Swedish Massage Therapy

Medical Massage

Anti-Aging Facial Massage 

Myofascial Massage

Infra-Red Light Therapy



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Therapeutic Massage, Corporate Events, Wellness Events, Office Chair Massage


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NYC/Manhattan, Brooklyn , Staten island 


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